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ProAttic Tampa Insulation & Attic service provides expert high-quality chimney sweep service throughout the Tampa, Florida region. Chimney sweeping is essential for all chimneys and fireplaces on at least an annual basis. ProAttic Tampa’s expert chimney and ventilation service people can professionally remove all aspects of chimney buildup like soot, creosote, animal nests, and all other physical blockages from chimney liners, smoke chambers, fireboxes, and chimney dampers in a simple matter of minutes - increasing chimney safety, longevity, and health.

Why is it important to get chimney sweeping services?

There's a wide range of issues that affect the health of your chumney including the age of your home, what type of chimney you have, and the quality of the weather. The presence of small animal or bird nests during the Summer or dry leaves in the Fall seriously dangerously impact chumney health. If you notice your chimney is not ventilating fireplace smoke so well you should get it cleaned as soon as possible. Lighting a fireplace when your chimney has any of these problems can cause serious damage to your property. Through regular chimney sweeping and inspection, you can make sure that your fireplace is safe to operate - without risking smoke inhalation, poor ventilation, or even soot fire.

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