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Proper attic ventilation is essential to keeping your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, and can even make your roof last longer. ProAttic Tampa Insulation & Attic service provides expert attic ventilation services, expertly synergizing roof systems, attic fans, and ridge vents. Attic ventilation can help to reduce energy bills, saving you money, and improving your comfort. We install a wide range of ventilation systems including attic intake vents, louvers, exhaust vents, ridge vents, turbines, and much more.

How do Attic Vents Work

Heat moves through your roof into your attic by heating up shingles and roof deck plywood. These surfaces will transfer heat to attic insulation, attic walls, attic beams, and other surfaces in your attic. This will heat up attic air, and eventually move into the cooler air of your living spaces. Attic temperature can even exceed 180 degrees - much harder than outside. Vents allow this attic heat to escape when it rises, lowering attic heat and lowering air pressure. This makes your home much more comfortable, and ensures that your air conditioning system doesn't have to work so hard, lowering your energy bill and allowing your AC to run more efficiently.

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When you contact ProAttic Tampa, our expert technicians will inspect your attic, determining the best places to install vents to ensure they are the most effective. We will insert non-mechanical vents directly into your roof, fully sealing the edge under your shingles and blending them in with a matching spray coating. Your attic will look identical - but will be more vented, and much cooler. Contact ProAttic Tampa today for expert attic ventilation services for your Tampa, Florida properties.

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